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Miserable Man Boobs!

Miserable Man Boobs!

Some guys at work were getting together to play basketball and asked if I wanted toe along. Since I was new on the job and also in town, it felt great to be included. So, I ran by my apartment and grabbed a T-shirt, shorts and shoes and headed out to meet the guys down at the gym. It had to have been 500 degrees in that gym that day. We decided to play "Skins"! You divide up into two teams, one team wears shirts and the other "lucky" team goes shirtless. Well, some would call that lucky, while others like that a living nightmare. Immediately, I became aware of this old familiar sick feeling, the same one that had haunted me since junior high. About the same time that girls started growing breasts, so did I. There was only one problem, I was a MALE. I got so freaked out in junior high that I was afraid that my other private parts would start falling off too. It was a miserable time in my life! I, of course, did everything to hide the unwanted growths on my chest. I never EVER talked of them and I certainly didn't want anyone else to mention them either. Oh, how I hated the puffy growths on my chest and I even hated myself for having them. When I watched sporting events, specifically boxing matches, I zeroed in on the boxers dancing around in the ring. Did I see puffy boobs bouncing up and down on their chests? No, they were real men. Why wasn't I, why was this happening to me? I thought, I need to do more push-ups, lift more weights, add more butterfly reps. Nothing, absolutely nothing that I tried helped; they just stayed puffy. Then they grew so large, you could see them through my shirt. Crapola, this can't be happening to me. I would have loved to have gone to the beach, washed the car or really done anything with my shirt off and not been ridiculed and laughed at. I started having nightmares about bra shopping with my Mom and getting bras for Christmas gifts. This entire humiliating scenario flashed through my mind that day as I, a grown man, standing on the basketball court, got myself into such a state that I almost had chocolate pudding pants. I thought, that's right just keep it up and you will have to quit your job! Trying to calm myself, I thought, maybe it won't be so bad after all. I haven't taken my shirt off in public since I can't remember when. These guys are more much mature; I work with them for God's sake, maybe they will be different. I knew they would notice, but I hoped against all hope that they wouldn't say anything. At that exact moment, I heard my name called, my own name echoed in my ears. Yep, you guessed it, I had been chosen for the Skins team. I thought, this is appropriate; I feel like I am getting ready to be skinned So, in self-conscious agony, with fingers trembling and knowing the shame and humiliation I was about to face, I moved my hands to the bottom of my shirt. Although my heart was racing fast enough to power the city of Denver, I was desperately trying to act like everything was just everyday okay normal. Up over the belly, here theye, OMG, here they are in all their hideous glory, big and pointy and puffy as ever. I can feel the breeze on them now. I'm feverishly talking to myself, ok, you've made it this far, keep going; ok, I've got the shirt around my neck. Wait, should I pull it back down and run out the door? I can't do this, I simply can't do this; I can't suffer this humiliation again. If I run, then how can I go back to work tomorrow. Ok, ok, keep going, keep going, up over my head, ok, finally the shirt is off and here I am with my pathetic man boobs showing for all the guys to see. I feel like my heart is going to explode; I am breathing so fast. I have even broken out in a sweat. I just want to start running and never stop. Why did I ever agree to this? Ok, let me turn around and face someone. Ok, so far so good, he didn't seem to notice anything. Ok, maybe we will get started and I will blend in with the others, besides there are some chubs out here, maybe no one will notice. Then it started. Hey, the girls aren't playing today. Then it was like...oh man I am sorry...I didn't mean anything by it. Then it was, ok Moobs, why don't you play point guard, since point seems to fit you so naturally. There it was, it was said! Even though everyone was laughing good naturedly, everything in me stopped. It was like the blood drained out of my body. What a complete Jerk! What did I do, I laughed too, and of course I acted like it was no big deal. On the outside, I acted like it didn't bother me at all, while on the inside, I felt dejected and sadly pathetic. I would do anything to prove that I could play and to prove that I was a man. That was how I had handled these heart stopping embarrassing situations so many times before, and, yes there had been many times before. But something entirely different happened that night. As I was leaving the gym, I decided that I was through suffering. I had finally had enough. Instead of feeling miserable and depressed, I felt empowered by the incident. There just has to be something that can be done for my man boob condition. So, I went home and started researching on the Internet and I came across several all-natural (without surgery) programs for reducing breasts in men. No more puffs and no more pointy nipples; now I could be just a regular guy. I was determined to get my confidence and masculinity back. While there are several 100% guaranteed effective male breast reduction programs to be found on the Internet, I used The Chest Coach System with completely satisfactory results. Its system addresses all the many reasons for Man Boobs or gynecomastia (not just one or two). C. M. Brett is the creator of the Squidoo site, Exercises For Gynecomastia. If you enjoyed this Man Boobs story and would like more exciting information on this embarrassing condition in males squidoo Exercises-For-GynecomastiaExercises For Gynecomastia!

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