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Papa Has A Brand New Bag

Papa Has a Brand New Bag

By Peter_Pan - Feb 29, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 39427 For two years at least, Susie had been parading her sexy little breasts and curvaceous bubble-butt right in front of her father - pretty much whenever the opportunity presented itself. Giggling to distraction, she would deliberately drop things on the floor so she could bend over to retrieve them, knowing full-well he could see her panties. On a really bad day, she would make sure she wasn't even wearing any.
She became expert at color-coding her bras so that they were patently obvious beneath whatever semi-transparent midriff top she had stretched, barely decently, across those hot nipples.
And now with her eighteenth birthday that her father saw it anyway, it really was time for payback!
The day therefore that young Susie got home from school, only to be met in the kitchen by her father who demanded abruptly, "I want to see your tits Susie, " was indeed the start of a new chapter as far as the McKenna family was concerned.
"Pardon me dad?" she exclaimed, unsure whether to laugh or run over to the neighbors.
"I said, show me your tits Susie, " he repeated patiently. "What part don't you understand? I want to see you topless - maybe even have a suck of those hot little nipples." He took a step towards her.
Disentangling her school back-pack and covering up protectively, she retreated to the doorway, the color draining from her undeniably pretty features..
"I'll scream if you come any closer dad!" she threatened
"No you won't Susie, let me step you through it!" he replied, cooler than an iced popsicle.
"You scream and the neighbors eventually calls the Police - probably while I'm pulling that sexy little bra off!" Susie gasped and took another step backwards.
"So a couple of officers turn up - wave a gun in my face and your dad gets carted off to jail while you ring up your girlfriends and tell them what happened - like they'll believe you anyway? Next thing you know, they'll be carting you off too, for the Police doctor to check you out. They'll photograph your tits - probably even dust them for fingerprints, before you get semi-stripped in a holding room and a couple of overweight female Police Officers - they're all lesbians by the way - come by to interview you, well after they've pulled your panties down and probed your pussy for evidence of any inappropriate activity - other than their own that is!" Todd paused for a moment, letting his words sink in.
"Are you following all this Susie?" His daughter stood there just staring at him.
"No dad - no mortgage repayments - no house! It gets worse sweetie. Mommy divorces dad but the bank and the IRS take the house. No more money for nice clothes - not that you'll be needing them living in a shelter for the homeless. Oh and you can forget your private schooling money for the fees. Goodbye to your allowance, cell-phone, ski trips to Aspen and any thoughts of a car in eighteen months or so. Shame about your pony too. He'll probably end up as half a dozen cans of dog-food. You know, when you really think about it - it would be way easier just to show me your tits wouldn't it? Mom won't be back for three or four hours so that's not a problem!"
She started sobbing. "Why are you doing this to me dad?"
"Look here Susie, " he came back at her. "You've been flashing me - everything from your cleavage to your naked rear-end these past few years. Ever since you hit eleventh grade, you’ve been flirting like a hot little slut, pressing your tits up against me whenever you kiss me goodnight. What do you expect me to do? Jerk-off for the rest of my life, while imagining my teenage daughter lying naked and spread on the kitchen table, fucking herself stupid with a Lebanese cucumber? Admit it sweetheart, you really are the proverbial little cock-tease and believe me, this cock has been teased just once too often!"
"I'm sorry dad, " she muttered at last. "I wasn't meaning for you to think of me - well, you know - in that way!"
"Like Hell you weren't Susie, " he spluttered. "When a seventeen-year old girl bends over right in front of her father, knowing full well he can see up her skirt...even does it when she somehow "forgets" to put her knickers on...what else in God's name is he gonna think?"
That got a blush. but no come-back tellingly.
"Anyway sweetheart, you made your bed, now you can lie in it. Let's see those tits please!"
She made no move, just standing there, making him harder by the moment.
"Either you undo that blouse yourself Susie, or I'm going to do it for you. What's it to be?"
"Dad....that's incest. You can't undress me?"
"Yeah?' he queried, "Just watch me."
Before she had time to gather her thoughts, he had a hold of her arm and was dragging her to the lounge-room.
"Nooo, " she squealed.
"You wanna lose everything Susie - all this?" he gestured around the room. "It’s your call?"
She clearly hesitated, unwilling it seems, to sacrifice at least in the short term, an up-market lifestyle for what might only prove to be a brief period of embarrassment. She began to undo the buttons of her school blouse.
If Greg had ever witnessed anything as arousing as this in his previous thirty-seven years, he certainly couldn't remember when. He could feel his mouth drying up fast as Susie's cute little school bra was fully exposed to his gaze. Not even a 32A at this juncture, she still had more than enough cleavage to rattle his cage.
"Very sexy Susie, " he complimented her, but let's see the whole enchilada if you wouldn't mind."
"This is soo embarrassing dad, " she almost whispered, allowing both straps now to slip down her arms. All girls have an in-built tease-factor and Susie's was working overtime as she reached behind her back to unhook the small clasp. By necessity, such activity accentuated the contents of her bra-cups - he could see almost to her nipples.
As the small bra headed for the floor, she covered up instinctively, just standing there looking wholly innocent but as tempting as a glass of chilled Dom Perignon in the middle of the Kalahari desert. "Put your arms down sweetheart, " he told her, "You're not filming a lingerie commercial here."
Trembling visibly, she did as her father asked and the sight of his young daughter just standing there- her proud breasts fully displayed now, was, if not the answer to his dreams - a partial solution to his needs. He badly wanted to extricate his throbbing erection and stroke himself to glory, but there were still things to do - sights to see.
Susie of course noticed the bulge in her father's pants and flushed at the tingling sensation she was feeling between her own legs now. Was this after all something that she really had wanted to happen despite herself?
"Come sit on my lap baby, " Todd muttered, availing himself of the nearest chair, com comfortable in the knowledge it would to a degree, hide his obvious arousal. This time she put up no verbal resistance, simply walking over and sitting down in his lap. Watching her beautiful breasts waver like jelly as she walked, he noticed now her golden-brown nipples were decidedly perky and it sure as hell wasn't cold in there. Such ponderance however was quickly consigned to ancient history, being replaced by other equally enticing sensations when his daughter's curvaceous and sexy little bottom made contact with his upper thighs. Sitting virtually side-saddle as she was on him, he wasted no time in cupping both breasts and having himself a gratuitous fondle.
"You just said you wanted to see my tits dad? " she whimpered. "You shouldn't be doing this?"
"You're probably right Susie, " he replied, beginning now to manipulate her nipples which had her squirming beneath his touch. "I suppose I shouldn't be doing this either..." So saying, he slipped a hand beneath that tight little skirt and laid it against her inner thigh.
"Nooo, " she implored, "Please dad - stop it!" She tried to pull his hand out from between her legs.
"Well I hate to have to repeat myself sweetie, " he almost grinned, "But either you let your dad do his thing or you put up a struggle, start screaming and - well, we've covered that scenario already I think!" She would probably have launched into a fresh round of sobs had not Todd's fingers encroached at that very second upon the front of her panties.
"Dad!!" she cried out, trying to wriggle free. She may as well have been trying to extricate herself from a strait-jacket.
From Todd's perspective however things were moving along pretty damn well. Having a hand up his daughter's skirt, working her soft cotton panties between the folds of her vaginal lips wasn't exactly a hardship to be endured. Nor was the sight of those young breasts rising and falling in sync with her escalating anxiety. With his free hand he began groping the soft mounds as she shook her pretty head in denial of this potential three-act tragedy. Compounding her fears, was the inescapable fact that her father's erection-par-excellence was increasingly making its presence felt across the underside of her bottom. Familiarity breeds contempt it is said - in this particular case it was breeding a fear of the unknown. Without warning, her father offloaded her from his lap.
"Take your skirt off Susie, " he demanded, the bulge in his trousers assuming quite wicked potential.
"You're going to strip me aren't you?" She leveled the suggestion at him accusingly. Unzipping the skirt, she let it fall around her feet.
"That's definitely an option sweetheart, " he responded, "Why? Think you might like it?"
Just the sight of his sexy teenage daughter standing their awkwardly in just her tight little cotton briefs, swaying slightly, arms protectively across her chest, was more than enough to generate a hint of pre-cum that was even now, trickling its way into the outside world.
"Come here sweetheart, " he beckoned with his finger.
Numb with shock that her father could be doing this to her, she just gasped as he hooked his fingers beneath that thin elasticized waist-band.
"If you only knew how many times I've thought about doing this Susie, " he murmured, pulling her panties slowly down to her knees, exposing her pubic curls and that delightfully feminine cleft. Trembling worse than ever, she made no move to cover herself, simply staring downwards as her nakedness was so intimately revealed to her father's lustful gaze. For all its incestual perversion, she felt a hot flush of pleasure at being so irreverently paraded and at so young an age. She had to admit, she liked the fact that her body was obviously turning her father on.
"Turn around for me Susie, " he almost croaked
Her hands held enticingly high above her head, she slowly pivoted on her heels for him, knowing full well he was drooling hard, looking now at her trim and highly arousing little bottom.
In fact, Todd was unable to prevent his hands from taking a fully indecent hold of those soft and enticing young cheeks, smoothing over the tempting curves with the palms of his hands and probing gently the onset of her rear cleft.
"Can I pull my panties up now please dad?" she asked hopefully. You've seen my tits and my bum. Can we just leave it at that?"
Had she known that in the intervening seconds Todd had fully extricated his erection she may not have asked so irrelevant a question. Putting an arm around his daughter's waist he caught her by surprise, tugging her backwards on to his lap, pulling her tight up against his chest, her legs momentarily splayed out across his thighs. Before she could recover from the shock - another of even greater magnitude presented itself to her, as his seven inches or so of fully erect penis sprang to attention right between her legs.
"Gosh dad!" she cried. "I'm soo sorry I teased you, but I'm still a virgin. You can't fuck me." She was staring at her father's cock - God it was making her hot!
"I'm not going to fuck you Susie, " he replied. "You're going to fuck yourself!"
So saying, he allowed his arms to encircle his daughter's waist, both hands cupping and then fully enveloping a small breast each. Susie gasped with a mixture of shock and arousal. Watching his progress over her left shoulder he began to gently fondle the soft mounds, clearly aware of how hard her young nipples were becoming. Contact with such intimate softness was only serving to harden his own resolve - to say nothing of the airborne exhibit between his daughter's thighs that had been fully outside his own control quite some time ago.
Susie herself was in emotional conflict. Fully aware now of the moisture developing within her vaginal lips as her father began manipulating both nipples, she could but gaze at the invader standing to attention between her legs. She felt the urge to masturbate and dropped her hands to her own lap.
"It's OK sweetheart, " he whispered to her, sensing her reluctance to let go, "Just do what comes naturally - show me how you do it!"
The breakthrough came when he then nuzzled her neck and began kissing her softly just beneath the hairline. Together with the on-going caresses of both her breasts, Susie slid into a world of pleasured stimulation and locating her own clitoral hood began to rub herself as she had done so many times before sleep. All inhibitions had left the crime-scene and with her chest rising and falling in time with her increased respiratory rate, she began to moan - almost inaudibly at first, but as the slut-factor came prominently into play, louder and with increasing frequency.
Fairly squirming on his knee now, her eyes closed and her nipples more erect than ever they had been, she needed satisfaction - no more, no less! Reaching around, Todd retrieved his engorged seven-inch tool and pulling it backwards, managed to get the head at his daughter's virginal and undeniably sexy pink gateway - only millimeters below the point at which she was currently frigging herself to heaven, courtesy of two increasingly moist fingers.
Aware suddenly of a new team-member on the scene, Susie opened her eyes and took note of the newly aligned playing field. "Guide it in Susie, " Todd whispered between kisses.
It was then she realized that all those months of teasing her father, letting him see her panties, down her top....rubbing her breasts up against him in the bedroom...all that time, THIS is what she really wanted. It always had been!
Taking a hold of his cock, she felt a hot flush radiate thought her. She could control this she realized - it wouldn't be rape - just "growing pains" really! Easing herself forward, she discovered that the helmeted invader occupied considerably more volumetric space than her own finger and that clearly the hymen could not be bypassed. The moment was not about to be denied though and taking heed of her father's whispered, "Hold it low Susie and push in quickly, " she took that final step. The one which can never have a video re-play!
Even prepared for pain, the disintegration of most of her remaining hymenal tissue caused momentary pain and she could not prevent herself crying-out, or the onset of genuine tears of discomfort. She saw blood trickling from between her legs and cried for her lost innocence.
Todd however continued to both fondle and kiss her and together with the thrusting motion set up deep within her vagina now, pleasure overcame pain in a very short time and she found that by judicious movements of her hips she could induce both depth and stimulation.
No-one in the history of part-time rapists was more surprised than Todd however, when Susie suddenly withdrew his cock and performing a quick one-eighty degree rotation on his lap, grasped his shaft once again and guided it back inside her as she faced him. Able now to kiss her on the lips and with greater access to her hot little slit, he began fucking her in earnest. Susie's moans hit their peak and she clung to her father as his upward thrusts fully transported her to a brave new world.
"Oh God Susie, this is unbelievable, " he managed to get out between gasps.
"Stop talking and just fuck me dad, " she giggled kissing him passionately now.
Both sensed the imminent finality. Technically Susie's arrived first and she cried out in pleasure as her first vaginal orgasm radiated outwards from somewhere deep inside. Todd came in her moments later and she felt it all. She lay slumped against her father as he held her to him tightly around the bottom. Both their hairlines showed beads of sweat from their joint exertions.
Susie was the first to speak although "Take me up to my bedroom daddy, " rather surprised him - she hadn't called him "daddy" for years. So needful was he now of fully possessing his hot little daughter he scooped her off his knee and oblivious to his semi-undressed state, carried her up the stairs and into the bedroom, where he lowered her onto her light pink coverlet.
"Did I hurt you sweetheart?" he asked as, settling down beside her he began once more to caress those developing breasts and nipples. She sighed and stretched provocatively before answering him.
"Not really dad, just at the beginning I guess - but like you said, I really did it to myself. Ooh, that feels so nice, " she added in but a whisper, "I love you doing that to my tits."
"You do? Well I got something else you may like too Susie. Turn over and get on your hands and knees for me."
She was hesitant. Surely he wasn't going to spank her? She had come across adult sites whilst surfing the Net, with pictures of young girls over their father's or their teacher's knees, getting their bottoms smacked. She really didn't feel like having this done to her. He noticed her reluctance.
"What's wrong Susie?" he asked. "Don't you trust me?"
"What are you going to do to me dad?" she replied, "I don't want you to spank me."
The thought had not even occurred to him and he grinned broadly.
"Well see here sweetie, I hadn't planned on spanking you. What I have in mind is way better!"
Dutifully then, she got up on to her knees and positioned herself adjacent to Todd on all fours, her legs slightly apart, looking back at her father with not a little trepidation.
Posed so submissively, he could but stare at his daughter's elevated and beautifully sculptured rear-end. He wondered if she even knew that a few filmy strings of his cum were glistening there on the insides of her thighs. It simply added to the tease.
Telling her not to move, he got off the bed and holding her around the hips, manouevered her rear end until she was right on the edge of the quilt. Inclining his head he then kissed her left cheek whilst softly rubbing the other one. As she began to wriggle in pleasure he slipped a finger up between those slim legs and pushed in to her vaginal ingress. She gave a gasp of surprise whilst concurrently wiggling her bottom in his face - nature's way of ensuring continued interest one assumes. Unable to wrench his gaze from his daughter's white-hot pussy, displayed as it was currently in all its wide-screen glory, he simply then stood behind her and holding his throbbing erection at the horizontal, just pushed hard into her.
Susie all but collapsed face-down on the coverlet. All she could think was, "Why hadn't she made her dad fuck her from ten years onwards, if this is what it felt like??"
Able to penetrate her to limitless depths at this angle, for both of them - it was a learning curve without precedence. His daughter soon discovered that by judicious use of her hips in reverse now, she could increase or decrease the penetrative effects of each thrust. She noticed also that her nipples were so erect, they were almost sore - not that she had any intention of asking her father to desist his persistent groping and pulling of both her breasts as he literally rammed his erection up inside her deeper by the minute.
It was indeed an awesome sight that met Helen McKenna's eyes that afternoon as she reached the door to her daughter's bedroom. Todd and Susie's lustful cries of untamed passion rent the air as both secured a release of monumental proportions.
It drowned out everything - except that is, for the sound of three shopping-bag full of groceries that crashed to the floor, just marginally ahead of Helen McKenna herself crumpling to the doorway in a dead faint.
(c) Peter_Pan
“The Best of Peter_Pan” Visit also: “The World of Peter_Pan”

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