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No Need For Foreign Travel Expenses To Stop You From Getting International Clients By Cindy King

Some businesses never think to establish an international business development strategy because the old school thought says international travel is the only way to build international business. The old school thinks that international salese from pressing the flesh, face to face encounters in the same meeting room. There is often more than one foreign meeting before the signing of any international sales agreement.
Sure, it's true. This is how international business was done in days gone by. Standard international sales practices involved getting an international prospection budget approved, make the initial call and then jump on a plane - and acquiring thousands or even millions of frequent flyer miles was the added bonus. Yes, face to face sales negotiations are important in establishing real client relationships in all environments.
Today you will still find them after a big sale is agreed on, and for that final meeting where important papers are signed, with press releases flying quicker than the champagne. Face to face meetings in these situations are the same for domestic and international sales negotiations.
In many cultures and in some industries face to face meetings, shaking hands, shared dinners, and even golf games were the only way to seal the deal.
But times have changed. A lot.
Internet, video conference solutions, Livemunication Servers and all aspects of e -Business are blowing away the old negotiation practices . These newmunication channels are affecting negotiation practices all over the world. Even in cultures with traditional strong face to face negotiation practices.
There are now many industries across a variety of cultures where international sales negotiations can take place without any foreign travel at all. And in many cases, international business negotiations can be concluded with less travel than in the past.
Allpanies worldwide are sensitive to economicpetitiveness. Internet and good international telecommunication practices are affecting traditional cultural business negotiation habits in many countries. When 2 Japanese men meet over a video conference, they still bow in greeting. Americans can still do a video high 5, each carefully tapping their camera.
Brick and mortar businesses are finding more and more instances where they can make international sales without travel. Prospects are more willing to do at least part of the sales negotiations by phone, by email, and by teleconference.
There will always be times when you will need to meet your prospects in person. But in today's marketplace most businesses should not consider international travel a necessity for international sales. At the very least, there is often a greater cultural acceptance of better foreign meeting planning. Coordinating mutual travel schedules to coincide at industry events, for example, cuts costs and saves time for both parties.
Salespanies use yearly road tripsbined with a regularmunication strategy to keep costs down. You can do more through various telecommunications than you expect.
Don't automatically assume that you need to travel to get international clients. And if you do feel your business needs foreign travel, improve your cross culturalmunication skills to optimize the variousmunication channels available. Your foreign travel budget will drop drastically.
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