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International Business Online - 3 Types Of Culturalmunication Gets You More International Sales By Cindy King

You can't learn to ride a bike without... well, a bike. Can you?
International business involves cross culturalmunication. It is the inherent nature of the business.
To develop good cross culturalmunication skills you need foreignmunication exposure. With people. Live.
Cultural skills are fairly easy to develop. But you can't pick them up reading books. You need hands on practice. Most people only need the desire tomunicate with other cultures and some practice to put them on the right track.
But good cross culturalmunication skills are not easy to develop if you are an online business without much direct contact with your foreign clients.
If all the cross culturalmunication you are getting is through emails or order requests, this is how you are going to pick up the skills. There is simply not enough cultural interaction to actually learn with.
But what can you do if you want to get more international sales? Is there anything you can do to help your online businessmunicate better with your international prospects and clients?
Well you still need to learn from exposure. But you can laser focus your efforts and make progress.
First, you need to identify the three basicponents of culturalmunication:
Internationalmunication can include all aspects of internationalmunication.
But online, it all begins with adapting your ownmunication for international audiences.
Make the effort to adapt your all of yourmunication to speak to all international visitors as well as your domestic market.
Simply make a concentrated effort not to cut out your international visitors by ignoring them.
Internationalmunication at this level is more about awareness and being universally polite in writtenmunication. It is is the small details.
Multiculturalmunication is when yourmunication speaks effectively across a wide scope of cultures.
For example you can use International English to target the international English-speaking world.
Multiculturalmunication may not be the best solution for your domestic market. Your domestic market might have a very strong sales message that would be weakened bymunication aimed at multicultural markets.
You may or may not decide on creating two specificmunication strategies: one for your domestic market and one for a wide international market.
This is often obvious to implement in non-English speaking countries. Their localmunication in their native language, and their internationalmunication in English for wide multicultural audiences.
It can be an interesting option for Americanpanies, for example, to use International English for a wide international marketing campaign.
This could be an initial option. But this needs to be evaluated carefully. Most international marketing is aimed at specific cultures and countries once the markets are identified.
Cross Culturalmunication
Cross Culturalmunication is about targeting yourmunication to one particular culture.
This step in internationalmunication requires more specific market knowledge. Your message is totally adapted to one specific cultural environment.
It can be used for effective target marketing in a specific country or ethnic group for example.
The bad news for online businesses is that you really do need some cultural exposure to get it right.
The good news?
Online businesses have the advantage of being able to test, track and analyze statistics. This will help in tweaking cross culturalmunication.
If you have identified a country with a large enough market, creating cross culturalmunication and working extensively with the statistics will probably be worth the time and effort.
Build On International Exposure
By focusing on each of the three types of culturalmunication, you will be able to identify what you are currently doing. You will see where you need to improve internationalmunication.
Use any contact with your international prospects and clients to see what you can do to improve the area you are weakest at.
The more exposure you get with your international markets, the more you will see how you need to adapt yourmunication. And practice is all it takes.
Your culturalmunication skills will improve with time. And before you know it your skills will become as automatic as knowing how to ride a bike.
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